Space Engineers Toolbox

Space Engineers Toolbox 1.168

A comprehensive 'world' Save Editor for the 'Space Engineers' game

Space Engineers Toolbox is a comprehensive 'world' Save Editor for the 'Space Engineers' game. The primary focus of the Toolbox is to allow importing of images and 3D models, and editing of save game content.
- Edit Positions of everything.
- Drag-n-Drop to copy ships from one 'world' to another, to keep linked ships together.
- Export multiple items, ships/stations to .sbc file.
- Switch on/off player jetpack/dampeners.
- Reset player velocity.
- Convert between Large Ship and Station.
- Convert between light/heavy armor.
- Convert between angled/round armor.
- Reset ship velocity and spin to zero.
- Reverse ship velocity and spin.

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